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What is Genome Prairie?

Genome Prairie is the leading not-for-profit organization for support and management of large-scale genomics and related bioscience research projects in?Manitoba?and?Saskatchewan. Industry sectors such as agriculture, health, mining and energy are benefitting from the organization's outreach and commercialization initiatives. With its partners, Genome Prairie has supported more than $197 million of research activity in plant, animal and human genomics, bioinformatics, instrumentation development and bioethics since its establishment in 2000.

What does Genome Prairie do?

Genome Prairie has three key roles:

  1. Manage projects and facilitate regional participation and co-funding for Genome?Canada?and other genomics research projects in?Saskatchewan?and?Manitoba;
  2. Provide regional leadership and support for collaborative efforts for genomic and bioscience research and knowledge transfer for the provinces of?Manitoba?and?Saskatchewan;
  3. Promote awareness of recent advancements and societal impacts of genomics and bioscience research to government, industry, public and other stakeholders.

When was Genome Prairie founded?

Genome Prairie was established in 2000 and covered the provinces of?Alberta,?Saskatchewan?and?Manitoba. In 2005, Genome?Alberta?was formed and Genome Prairie continued overseeing genomic research projects in Saskatchewan?and?Manitoba.

What research projects are Genome Prairie currently overseeing?

Current projects can be found?here.

How is Genome Prairie related to Genome?Canada?

To ensure effective management and monitoring of Genome?Canada?funded projects and science and technology platforms, Genome Centres have been established in each region across?Canada. These Centres facilitate access to leading edge technology for researchers, allow for different approaches to project development and fundraising, and provide opportunities for public outreach programs at a regional level. A contractual agreement with Genome?Canada?outlines specific terms and conditions for the funding of large-scale research projects and science and technology platforms in genomics and proteomics.

(via?Genome Canada)

How is Genome Prairie funded?

Standard operational funding is provided by Genome?Canada. Specific initiatives / project funding comes from government, universities and industry, as well as Genome?Canada.

Where is Genome Prairie located?

Genome Prairie’s main office is located in?Saskatoon,?Saskatchewan,?Canada, in the?Atrium Building of Innovation Place?research park, adjacent to the?University?of?Saskatchewan campus. Our mailing address is?101-111 Research Drive,?Saskatoon?SK,?S7N 3R2.

Our?Winnipeg?office is located next to the University of Manitoba's Fort Garry Campus, in the SmartPark Research Park. The mailing address is 100-135 Innovation Drive,?Winnipeg?MB,?R3T 6A8.

Who should I contact if I have a project enquiry?

Please contact Simon Potter, Chief Scientific Officer, at?(204) 230-7974

Who should I contact if I have a media enquiry?

Please contact Quyen Van, Communications Officer, at (204) 990-7102.